Monday, 28 November 2011

Big Sticks

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, a couple of weeks ago. I think this is a Beech tree, a fairly big old one. My favourite thing about this photo is of course the amazing Autumn colours, and the way the sunlight sets the tree alight... but most of all I like the boy in blue to the left of the tree striding out with a big stick in his hand. He could be Max on a Wild Things adventure. To me, this is what being outdoors in Autumn is all about. Big sticks, exploring and adventures. And trees, really big trees (preferably climbable- this one is decidedly unclimbable) with sunshine and leaves and mud. And picnics on a cold bench, where you have to walk super fast to get warm again. And stepping stones across leaf strewn, clogged muddy rivers. And saying close up hellos to shaggy coated horned cows in open woodland eating acorns. And best friends to share adventures with and appreciate all the great things outdoors. And heading home to a giant roast dinner of epic proportions to match the days adventures in a cosy warm house with good company... Autumn days (and big sticks) are brilliant.

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