Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tree Frame

Glacier National Park, Montana. This mighty landscape never ceased to amaze me. It's a wonder we actually left Glacier, let alone made it to our destination- Yellowstone, I could have stayed here for an eternity. This was taken on a drive out to a trail head for an afternoon hike. I had been staring out of the window longfully, following the road which tracked alongside the lake. Eventually I got too wriggly with being stuck in the 4x4 with such amazing scenery passing us by, and we had to stop to take in the greatness that was Lake McDonald. At the time of taking it, I don't think I realised quite how well the trees had framed the photo, and provided the depth, colour and varying textures within the shot. The canopy of the trees also provided some shade, which confused amature me on how to best take the picture. Sometimes I struggle to make sense of what I am seeing with my camera... I just know I've seen something that has caught my eye and I have to photograph it. Sometimes it works out, and other times (quite a lot of the time really...) it gets lost in translation. This time I think I got it.

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