Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ever Changing

Plage Sud, Atlantic Ocean. Yep... another sundown, and yet I never tire of photographing them. Every time I visit the beach in the evenings it feels different, ever changing, just like the waves. This evening, the light was so soft and the sun was smothered with clouds, yet it still managed to draw subtle golden colours from the sand and sky. The ocean was a strangely calming, yet dark viridian green, with uneven breaks of tumbled, frothy waves. After our jaunty but short walk to the beach, my best friend and Charlie the dog wandered patiently around, allowing me time to play with my camera. Charlie was very happy to have a new companion on the beach with him as it ment he no longer had to stand still while I took my photos, he could wander, sniff, wag and woof to his heart's content. It was a great first night back on the West coast- beach walk, dinner, family and friends. One happy Me.

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