Monday, 29 August 2011

Casual Contest

Plage Sud Campsite, South West France. We went up to the campsite bar for an early evening beer and to watch the relaxed Petanque games going on nearby. I had a new toy this trip- my dad's telephoto lens. Not being so experienced with taking pictures of people, this allowed me to observe from a noticable distance, but without being too intrusive. Nobody seemed to mind me taking pictures while drinking my beer in the sunshine. There were games all around- families, couples... young and old, but the one photographed seemed to have the most riding on it. The man pictured clearly had a competitive spirit and an expressive game. A small group gathered to watch as he often made attacking play- opting for the aggressive lob over the positional throws. I'm unsure of the overall outcome of the overall game as they probably continued long after we left, but I was rooting for the guy above. The person to the right of the frame was his opponent, and helped to frame the shot. I also like the expression of the man watching, clearly engaged in the small pride-filled battle.

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