Sunday, 31 July 2011

Repas en Famille

Family evening meal at my sister's and now brother-in-law's apartment, Biscarrosse. This was a pre-wedding get together of close family on our second night of being back on the Atlantic Coast. It was a perfect evening with great company, good music, entertaining stories, sharing of wedding gifts, and a home cooked feast of barbequed meats, fresh salads, oven roasted vegetables, bread... cheese... wine... french family dining at it's very best. The meal lasted hours, as all good meals should, and as I sat at the end of the table contentedly full of cheese and wine almost unable to move, I reached around for my camera, and took a moment to capture the softly lit scene before me.

Technically not an easy shot as I didn't want to kill the atmosphere of the shot with a flash. This required a slow shutter speed and wide aperture, and I didn't have a tripod to avoid camera shake/wine induced wobble, so had to resort to my often ineffective breath holding technique. I reluctantly cranked up the ISO to help with the low light conditions, hoping the noise wouldn't ruin the clarity of the picture. Thankfully it worked out great.

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