Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tidy Boats

Whitby harbour, North Yorkshire. Tough blog post. Struggling to find pictures I like in my archives, and currently I'm not finding time to get out to take new ones, although I can account for a billion missed opportunities (camera keeps getting left at home- error)! I found this one lurking on an old hard drive...Taken on a sunny day trip up the coast to Whitby for a birthday adventure. Following essential coastal fish 'n chips we set off on a walk around the harbour, then up to the ruins of the Abbey. I was having an out of sorts day, and I think it affected my photos... none of the ones I took at the Abbey, or in the harbour were any good to my overly critical eye. Even this one I'm not happy with the composition, but one thing I do like is the sharpness of the image, vibrant colours and the correct use of aperture, allowing crisp focus throughout the image- even the ropes you can make out detail. I couldn't decide if these were working fishing boats, or just there for the benefit of making the harbour look more appealing.


  1. MMMMM! Even in the early, still chilly days of spring I actually want to jump in this water! (even if it is a little murky!) This picture has totally made my day. Been working super hard and its brought the good old sunshine to my desk. Thank you!

    PS... Don't worry.... tog raf days are on thier way... I spy chinks of early evening sun!

  2. I wouldn't jump in this water! It's got too much of the sludgy stagnent about it to look inviting! Glad you like the photo though :)