Sunday, 13 March 2011

Starry Canopy

Atlantic Coast, Biscarrosse. Taken on one of my more creative evenings, fuelled by large amounts of 1664, somehow I managed to set up my powershot for this clever photo. I'd like to claim photographic skills played a big part, but I think it was more down to being inspired by the wonderment of my surroundings. The universe looks pretty cool when lying down flat on your back by your tent, fresh from a speedy but wobbly bike ride back from the bar along the ocean front. With Charlie the dog and my sister close by to ramble onto about all things irrelevant, this goes down as a special light splintered second... or 13 seconds which was how long I had to keep the lens open for to pick up the stars. From a techincal perspective... yep it's got noise and the trees almost look to glow unaturally with their limey luminosity. I still love the (hazey) memory- click on the image to see the stars! 

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