Sunday, 30 January 2011

Storm Boarding

Standing ontop of a sand dune, San Pedro de Atacama. An early evening sandboarding trip in the desert. Contending with the unforgiving altitude, heavy board and energy sapping sand, I took a moment to take in my surroundings. I noticed some way off storm clouds gathering over the volcanic range. The sun was striking the jagged rough peaks in the foreground, throwing out creeping cool shadows across the sandy basin. It all looked somehow iconically Star Wars, and I had a Skywalker moment (using the force to capture a light sabered splinter). The dramatic scenery made it an  easy shot- right place at the right time. On reflection I wish I had thought more about my camera settings... this shot would have benefitted from a smaller aperture to take in more detail throughout the frame.  Switching the image to black and white added a greater level of contrast and shows the powerful sunlight to it's full effect.

1 comment:

  1. happy new year lightsplinter! I'd forgotten how awesome this landscape was... amazing photo. thanks!