Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bike Shower

Biscarrosse Plage, early morning. Sleepily rolling out of bed, pulling on some clothes, grabbing my things and heading out of the door. Walking through the cool, still, light flecked pine forest- the sun just clipping through the outer edges and warming my back with its soft rays. Making my way down the quiet road passing creamy painted beach houses with slumbering occupants, walking in the cold sun shielded shadows. As I reached the top of the dune, I awoke from my sleepy walking state - greeted warmly by the gentle morning sunlight, empty stretching beach and breaking ocean ringing in my ears. The low sun created long shadows and soft golden light spilling around me - perfect for photos. The composition of this shot might not be right, and the depth of field slightly off, but the atmosphere of the light and shade and the colours are what makes it worth a lightsplinter. 


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