Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hoodoo Vista

Bryce Canyon, Utah. Looking out across the eroded adventure playground we were teased by gentle altitude and a never ending rim trail denying us access to the descent into the canyon. The clouds swept across the sky allowing the sunlight to momentarily fall upon hidden rocky carved tunnels and towering stripy hoodoos. Once we finally began our decsent we excitedly bounded,whooped and soared down the twisting switchback tracks through light dappled dusty hollows and wind sculpted passages, occasionally staring upwards in awe at the growing wobbly towers and narrowing gap of blue above our heads. Arriving at the bottom of the canyon the trail opened out to a dramatic ampitheatre of majestic orange columns and contrasting clumps of dark green pine trees. Using a fast shutter to capture the racing clouds, but with adequate depth of field to pick out the canyon features I was able to capture the epic layers and textures of this incredible wind eroded landscape.


1 comment:

  1. The clouds are awesome! Wow. Epic photo! I like the hoodoo word.... is that really what they're called? :)
    INTI x