Monday, 30 April 2012

Jam Line

Roller Derby bouting action from Sheffield. Took this while on a course, learning how to photograph this smashy bashy sport. I kinda got lucky with my surroundings as the black backdrop set the scene really well, making it look pretty dramatic. Also the pointy offical with her whistle and everyone looking poised and ready to roller attack made this my favourite shot of the day. Black and white... again adds a little more epicness. This one goes out to my good friends Cookie Cutlass and Caesar Maniac, who although not photographed, have opened up a whole new world of sporting fun to me- thanks you guys! I doubt I will make it to the track to skate alongside them (they are rather good and I can't skate, plus I think I'd just end up broken) however, I hope one day I'll get the chance to capture some cool shots of them, doing the sport they love! Just need to upgrade my kit- poor light and speedy action...Derby is tough to photograph!!  

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