Saturday, 31 March 2012

Delicate Whites

The arrival of Spring, my friend's garden, Yorkshire. This was taken while spending an afternoon helping out my friend in her garden restoration community project. We actually tackled, grappled, forked and dug a giant Mint monster into submission that afternoon, which had sprawled uncontrollably through a flower bed. This photo however was taken during a 'guided tour' of the developing garden and the surrounds with my Mum. She loves gardens and over the years I have somewhat taken for granted her extensive knowledge of all things leafy, green and growing. I was proud to hear her identifying plants and shrubs at a glance... She would modestly say she doesn't know much, but she knows a lot more than the average garden stroller! This photo is of some spring Blossom. I'm pretty sure on that. I might even go so far as to say it is Cherry Blossom, but I need to consult with my plant encyclopedia (Ma?!). Taken using the Macro setting, allowing a wide aperture to take in the smaller details and blurring out the unecessary background.

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