Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dune Dens

Norfolk Coast, late summer. The day before we had set off on an ambitious drive to the coast to chasing the last remaining days of the summer sunshine. We arrived at our destination late and pitched our tent in a relentless gale and uncertain evening skies. We awoke the following morning to the our sunshine reward. After some breakfast and nearby exploring we set off for a short walk around the coast. Hidden away from the town and harbouring boats we discovered a small sheltered beach with brightly coloured, closed up huts nestled amoung the dunes. 
Photgraphy geek explanation minus descriptive waffle:
I experimented with depth of field here aiming to keep the grass and huts in full focus. The light was tricky as the sun was high and throwing light over my right shoulder and almost clipping the frame, so I hid in the shade of one of the huts and did my best to compose the shot. A less harsh light would have made this splinter easier to capture... returning early evening would have probably have worked a lot better. The  position of the sun also meant I could not take any shots further back- so it was an all round comprimise. I had to do some touch up work on the sky before blogging as the exposure was blown out (something I hate doing as I much prefer to shoot as I see, no edits) ... a filter might have helped here. Also puzzled as to why I set ISO at 400! Despite all that- it still made the lightsplinter cut.


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