Monday, 21 June 2010

Ocean Stacked

Great Ocean Road Twelve Apostles, Victoria.  Watching the sun slide beneath the horizon from a rocky outcrop with a sharp wind numbing my fingers and body. This was one of those times where I almost did not appreciate quite how staggeringly beautiful the view was until I got home and saw the pictures again months later through a fresh set of eyes. The ocean erroded limestone coastline, with the pink candyfloss clouds and cobalt blue water- I went into photo overload. Not really a clever or admired technique but it was one of those once in a lifetime opportunities I didn't want to miss or mess up, and felt that one of the pictures I took would give a close representation that would match the one I'd sellotaped in my head forever. It is also nailed on my bedroom wall. 

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  1. Since posting this a friend of mine pointed out another image online taken from the same spot approximately ten years ago...

    Wikipedia image Twelve Apostles 1998

    Made me think maybe I should have titled the photo 'Ghost Stack' as the shadow against the cliff face mirrors where one of the Apostles previously stood. There are now nine remaining Apostles!